Whole Body Vibration Therapy works with patients and clients in all facets of exercise and rehabilitation training. WBV is extremely effective in a very wide range of exercise therapy, sports therapy and performance.


We offer the nation's only comprehensive onsite Whole Body Vibration, Power Plate, Advanced Vibration Technology training for Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers.

Level I – Onsite Workshop

Level I – Onsite Workshop
• Concept of Mass vs. Acceleration training and its usage in exercise training and therapy
• Interactive therapist demonstration of all aspects of the “5 Worlds” for Stretch and Movement Preparation, Core, Balance, Strength and Recovery/Massage
• Bone density improvement and the effects of acceleration training
• Beautification application, circulation increase and Lymphatic flow

Level II – Onsite workshop

Level II – Onsite Workshop
• 4-6 hour specialized Shark Tank™ Real World Workshop with interactive scenario-based training.
• Therapists create and implement programs for Rehab, Strength, Core, Balance, Flexibility and Sport-Specific clients
• Fat-loss and incorporation of diet with Advanced Vibration Training
• Working with athletes or weekend warriors
• Eliminating Plateau in development due to adaptation

Business Opportunities for AVT

Financial Impact
• Immediate opportunities for multiple revenue streams using Whole Body Vibration
• How to create and market Advanced Vibration Technology and Whole Body Vibration programs to generate six figure revenue source
• Whole Body Vibration Medical billing and CPT code basics and billing for WBV
• Personal Training Facilities and the Advanced Vibration Training Advantage
• Outreach programs – How to use Whole Body Vibration to bring in geriatric and other special populations
• Creation and execution of Advanced Vibration seminars to market and drive new patients/clients to practice.

Meet the Trainer

Bob Thomas, C.P.T. – Master Trainer, Advanced Vibration Therapy, Power Plate Training, Whole Body Vibration

Since 1984, Bob Thomas has been changing lives working patients and clients in all facets of exercise and rehabilitation training. He is now the foremost expert in Whole Body Vibration and it’s incorporation into the rehabilitation and training environments.

His program blends Whole Body Vibration Training and its implementation into the practical AND business aspects of the Therapy/Training practice. Most importantly he makes the training fun, exciting and very engaging to equip therapists to use the method and techniques immediately.